Shine Wearable Fitness Tracker Arrives at Apple Stores


The device displays a simple LED-light reading of your progress. It will be interesting to see how Shine fares in the increasingly-crowded fitness tracker space. Competitors, like Nike’s FuelBand , the FitBit product line and Jawbone’s UP , are gaining traction and establishing respective communities. But unlike FuelBand, Fitbit Flex and UP, Shine is not confined to a bracelet; it can be worn on a shirt collar, pocket or a clothing strap, similar to the Fitbit One . Misfit Wearables also sells accessory sport bands , necklaces and leather bands . It’s not too surprising that Shine is selling at Apple, given its ties to the Cupertino, Calif.-based powerhouse. Misfit Wearables cofounder John Sculley is the former CEO of Apple, AppleInsider noted . The term “misfit” is reportedly a nod to the late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs and the “Think Different” mentality. Will you buy this fitness tracker, or do you prefer competitors like the FuelBand?

‘The Italian Stallion’ hosts Fitness 101 class

PT commentary

So, how do you make fitness a part of your life, aside from putting in the necessary time and effort? Don’t take the elevator when you can climb stairs. Instead of driving your car two miles to work, ride your bicycle. When you’re hungry and need a snack, stuff your face with fresh strawberries or some other fruit or vegetable, not potato chips. When the sandwich artist at your favorite submarine sandwich restaurant asks what kind of sauce you want, kindly smile and tell them, “Nothing. That mayonnaise is where all the fat’s at.” And turn off the stinking TV or video game system and hit the streets.

Fitness tip of the day: Get a Physical (Laura Bush says so)

Even those who work out regularly (like President Bush here) need to have regular checkups FITNESS TIP OF THE DAY: GET A PHYSICAL I just finished reading Tom Bennings story (which you can read by clicking here) about former President George W. Bushs return home on Wednesday after having heart surgery Tuesday?! Yes, hes already home, thank heavens, and apparently doing quite well. Says his wife, Laura: People everywhere should have checkups. People as in men AND women. Quoting Toms story here: I hope that will be the silver lining, that the word will get out to a lot of people, said Bush, whos played a prominent role in the Heart Truth campaign, an effort to raise awareness about heart disease among women. Which of course cant help but make us wonder how things would have turned out differently if radio legend Kidd Kraddick, who died of cardiac disease several weeks ago, had had a physical recently. Steve Blow wrote a wonderful column about what he called preventable deaths; read it by clicking here. OK, thats enough from us. You (and I) have a phone call to make.

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