Bikini Body Weight-Loss Secrets

Diet Doc Weight Loss Diets Offers Specialized New Diet Plans That Now Help Patients Avoid Stretch Marks

After I had my son [Chase, 9], I hit 216 lbs. Then in 05 a guy said on a date, I dont mean any disrespect, but youre too cute to carry all that weight, she tells PEOPLE. I bought 25 low-cal frozen entrees to start my diet.

Because unnecessary and excess fat storage in the areas of the stomach, arms and thighs can be unresponsive to normal diet and exercise alone, Diet Doc has improved its weight loss diets to now specifically address these problem areas. An obvious sign of being overweight is the development of unsightly and embarrassing stretch marks. Typically caused by excess weight which necessitates the skin to expand, oftentimes during this expansion, the fibers in the skin can rip or even deteriorate, leaving groups of blemished tissue, commonly referred to as stretch marks which present themselves in the form of pink, red or purple stripes of compressed skin and are most noticeable on the belly, breasts, upper arms and thighs. Companies offering miracle cures and empty promises to make stretch marks disappear are plentiful, but nothing has been discovered that will totally eliminate stretch marks. Because there is no proven treatment to remove these marks, the most sensible solution is to avoid their development by maintaining a healthy weight.

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