Nutrition is on the menu for district meeting

The school board approved a contract with Gold Star foods, which sells only products that meet federal nutrition guidelines, which will help streamline ordering, Soto said. Laguna Beach Unified is following the USDA’s menu planning, Hartshorne said, which allows the nutrition department to choose five items from four categories: meat and meat alternate, vegetables and fruits, grains and breads, and milk.

Fitness and nutrition advice for humans by humans (Video)

By that I mean videos from humans instead of would-be actors and wanna-be comedians who think they have something to offer by performing (not very well) instead of giving some sort of information that is useful without them being so annoying they become distracting. Can you tell I don’t like people who are “on” ? I know it is not easy to do a good video, but I much prefer someone just talking rather than perfoming, not just performing but obviously performing, which means performing badly. I found two women with worthwhile information that you might enjoy I won’t even complain about how long it took to sort through what is available online. Anyhow I wanted videos about working out and nutrition that come from women who are like most people in that they have to know what they are doing rather than just show off a some lucky genetic blessings. I often thank that anybody reading my stuff may get bored with my rhetoric about fitness and nutrition. I do pretty much believe the answer is: go to the gym

Tanzania: Nutrition Experts Warn Against Unprofessional Diet Regimes

Elaborating on this, the nutrition expert said that many people living in urban areas tend to eat a lot at night and go to bed almost immediately without burning the fats consumed. She said that ideally dinners should be light and that more food should be eaten in the mornings because that’s when most energy is needed.

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