Healthy Living: Key To A Happy Retirement

And the healthy also spent down their wealth more slowly. Related: 8 apps for losing weight, staying fit Poterba says that’s because the impact of health on your finances begins well before you quit working. “People in good health have lower health care costs, so they have less of a drain on their resources,” he says. Also, other research shows that about half of people who retire earlier than they planned cite health as the reason. Staying healthy gives you more power to save for longer. TAKE ACTION Know your numbers.

Blog Posts by Tips on Healthy Living

This way you can plan accordingly when going back to school shopping and not purchase things that you do not need. Stock up on school supplies. Certain Jealous of those women who are perfect without a drop of makeup? Here are three easy ways to get that flawless, natural look from Jennifer L. Scott , author of Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris . Le No-Makeup Look The following are my three favorite variations that I observed while living in Paris. Au naturel This look is very subtle. It includes a light foundation to even out the skin (either powder or tinted moisturizer), blush, mascara, and a neutral lip color. It is just enough to give you a pretty, professional polish but also looks completely natural.

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